How staff do their jobs has a crucial impact on the effectiveness of the organisation. Digital can improve collaboration, knowledge-sharing and administration. This is especially true when staff are working in different places.

An increasingly digital world means changes to business processes. In turn these changes require new technology and skills. 

The introduction of new systems needs to happen in collaboration with staff. Staff are users too and their experience matters.

Things to think about

  • Do you have manual internal processes for activities which could be automated?
  • How easy it is for you, your colleagues or your volunteers to book annual leave or to claim expenses?

Internal systems: five levels of maturity

1. Inefficient

There is no will or budget to digitise systems or processes.

2. Inconsistent

Some digital tools are available but their use is erratic.


Good digital tools are available, with onboarding and support on request.

4. Effective

There is investment in digital tools that improve the working lives of staff.

5. Efficient

A comprehensive suite of connected digital tools, with proactive support for staff is in use.

Average score

Overall, for this competency, organisations average out at level 2.9.

Scores by year

These graphs show the average scores for this competency over the last few years, expressed as a percentage.

  • 2020 58% 58%
  • 2019 60% 60%
  • 2018 60% 60%
  • 2017 48% 48%