The world is becoming more digital by the minute. Digital dictates many aspects of how people live their lives. It shapes how people learn, how they socialise and how they shop.

Organisations need to embrace digital to remain relevant. This means reinventing ways of working, updating skills and shifting thinking. Organisations need to cultivate new behaviours and expectations. They need to instil habits and values for a new digital reality.

Digital leads are the people who are responsible for digital strategy and delivery. Often they find themselves doing much more. Digital catalyses a process of change that reaches into all corners of organisations.

People often don’t realise the depth of cultural change that’s needed for organisations to survive and thrive in a digital world.

Culture: five levels of maturity

1. Sceptical

Staff are wary of digital and try to avoid it.

2. Respectful

Staff are happy that specialists are dealing with digital.

3. Participative

The organisation understands the value of digital and wants to learn more.

4. Inclusive

Digital is seen as key to success and incorporated into everything.

5. Evangelical

Digital is the principal way to engage supporters and achieve the mission.

Average culture score

Overall, for this culture competency, organisations average out at level 3.

Culture scores by year

These graphs show the average scores for culture over the last few years, expressed as a percentage.

  • 2020 60% 60%
  • 2019 62% 62%
  • 2018 60% 60%
  • 2017 56% 56%
  • 2016 54% 54%